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Today’s modern dentistry is better than ever as new technology is constantly evolving. High-tech dentistry means less time in the dental chair and more comfortable treatment.

At Little Smiles Dentistry, we use the latest in various dental technologies to provide the most benefit to our patients.

Read below to learn more about the technology we use to make your child’s time in the chair as relaxing and quick as possible.

Digital Radiographs and Panoramic X-Rays

Digital radiography has not only made the x-ray process faster, but these modern x-ray machines give off much less radiation. Parents who might be concerned about exposing their children do not need to worry. Not only is the amount of radiation given off negligible, but Dr. Ionescu takes all necessary steps to protect your child, including the use of lead aprons.

In addition, Dr. Ionescu can view digital x-rays immediately, so parents are also able to see trouble spots clearly during their child’s appointment. The images created by these x-rays can also be enhanced, showing a level of detail that is just not possible with traditional x-rays. The results can easily be emailed to specialists or your insurance company, offering a much higher level of convenience because there is usually a much shorter wait time for treatment.

A panoramic x-ray shows a flat image of the mouth. This enables the dentist to see your child’s entire mouth all in the same shot, including teeth, jaw, temporomandibular joints, and nasal and sinus areas. The flat image provides a different perspective of your child’s mouth, giving Dr. Ionescu a full view for analysis.


Technology to Make Your Time with Us More Pleasant

The unknown can be frightening for children, and we know this includes going to the dentist. We have worked hard to create an environment that is fun, comfortable, and relaxing for child and parent.

Our office includes the following conveniences to help make your visit a pleasant experience:

  • Nitrous oxide to calm dental anxiety and make any treatment more comfortable
  • Digital records so all the information we need is directly at hand
  • Televisions in all treatment rooms to keep children happy in the dental chair



Intraoral Camera

X-rays are an invaluable part of dentistry when it comes to identifying problems that cannot be seen with the naked eye. They don’t show everything, however, and that’s where the intraoral camera comes in.

This tiny digital camera is about the size of a dental mirror, so it fits comfortably even in the smallest of mouths. With it, we can focus on just one specific area or view every nook and cranny of your child’s mouth.

Dr. Ionescu will be able to show you everything on a computer screen in real time. Information can be printed out if a hard copy is desired, or it can be emailed to your insurance company for procedure verification.

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