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Welcome to Our Practice

Welcome to Little Smiles Dentistry!

Our mission is to make sure every child gets the best possible care according to their specific needs. We believe that begins with education for both our patients and their parents.


Healthy dental habits start at home, and it is important to us that our patients and their parents have the tools necessary for excellent oral care.

When treatment is necessary, we do our best to provide it in a calm, reassuring manner. We want to ensure that children find going to the dentist to be a pleasant experience.

Partnering with Parents

We believe the patient/parent partnership is important. To that end, we welcome parents in the treatment room while their children are being treated. It has been our experience that having Mom or Dad in the room can be calming to children. It is also reassuring to parents who are concerned about how their child will handle a routine exam or a more complex procedure.

We know your child is the most important person in the world to you, and that is something we never forget!

Communicating Clearly

Communication is an important part of how we operate. We want to make sure parents have the information they need to make the best treatment decisions possible.

When we talk to your children about their treatment, we use our experience and skill in understanding how children communicate to keep them from being frightened. Our team excels in communicating with children of all ages.

We will always explain our treatment recommendations. We will provide an estimate of costs beforehand so you can make informed decisions about your child's care.

Offering Customized Treatment Options

At Little Smiles Dentistry, our patients are people first. There is no one-size-fits-all in prevention or treatment plans. We know that children vary in their tendency to develop cavities, and we take that into account when recommending check-up intervals, fluoride, and sealants.

We also know that children’s temperaments are different, and this is also taken into account when Dr. Ionescu develops a treatment plan for your child.

Providing a Relaxed Atmosphere

We provide high-quality dental care in an atmosphere children love and that allows parents to feel at ease. We have an office play area as well as TVs in the treatment rooms. Your children might even run into Zorro, our goldendoodle therapy dog!

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Find out for yourself what sets Little Smiles Dentistry apart from other pediatric dental offices. Our unique combination of high-quality care and warm compassion is what makes us an excellent pediatric dental office.

We look forward to meeting you.


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